Yemenia: A Year Later

Time flies, does it not? Though at times it seems the year has dragged by day by weary day, minute by weary minute. It hardly seems possible that it has already been a year since June 30, 2009. I debated whether or not to post this, because I wonder if it is not simply a reminder of pain. But then, it is also a chance to remember another life, when days were brighter.

Everyone at our office joins me in sending the families our kindest regards, wishing you what we hope has been a year of healing. You might ask how you could have healing without your loved one who perished this time last year.

From personal experience, I know that it has not been easy. I believe that when you lose a loved one, through a terrible tragedy like the Yemenia Crash or by any cause at all, our loved one would want us to continue living to the fullest. I’m certain that my grandson, whom we lost many years ago at age 15 in a motorcycle accident, wanted this for my daughter (his mother) and for the rest of the family. We still miss him. We still do a family birthday at the cemetery. Somehow we manage to carry on because he’s still in our lives, in our hearts, every day of every year.

I know you carry your loved ones in your heart too. Some days their presence feels very close. Those are the times, special times, that I believe they remain with us, out of sight perhaps, but never out of reach.

They say that living in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. If that is so, then let us all be a miser of our memories, for that is coin we will never spend, so we can always hold our loved ones and their memories close.

Blessings and memories to you.

GH Originally Posted by George Hatcher Thursday, June 29, 2010