George In a Nutshell

I am a consultant/advisor/strategist for a number of big law firms.

I didn't start out in aviation and I didn't set up this page to talk about aviation. I have several other pages devoted exclusively to aviation, like Air Crash Consultants and Aviation news. The interest is something I grew into, after working shoulder to shoulder with lawyers for the past 45 years. I don't want to overwhelm you with the list (because I do it on my bio page and once is enough.)

I have worked small cases, huge cases, wrongful death cases, product liability cases, pharmaceutical cases, train crashes, bus crashes, ship injuries and many others, including of course, aviation cases. In fact, just in the past 30 months or so, I have consulted and/or been involved in over 30 air tragedies involving airliners, helicopters, single engine dual engine aircraft.

If you are interested in Air Crash Consultants, visit the site, follow me on twitter or take a look at a brochure.

Interested in my latest aviation brochure? Download the pdf below