News: Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771

Plans for a memorial to the victims are underway. Though even without a memorial, family members will never forget. Maybe family members of the victims would like some answers with their platitudes.

While theories abound on why the Afriqiyah Airlines A330-200 Airbus did not land level but appeared to have slammed into the ground while at an angle of descent, actual news of the investigation has been very thin. The latest news released is that the remains of the South African victims of the crash have just been brought home to South Africa.

The Disaster Victim Identification Authority in the Netherlands assisted in determining remains of more than 60 Dutch tourists. Dutch forensic experts, renowned for expertise in disaster identification techniques in indentifying badly mangled bodies from either plane or automobile accidents, were engaged to help determine identities.

38 of the Dutch aboard were travelling with the Stip travel agency, 24 were travelling with the Kras travel agency, and 9 had booked their tickets independently.

On June 21st, Afriqiyah Airways announced they had begun clearing the accident site. Access to the site is limited to the restoration teams until after it is restored to its previous condition, a state of affairs that has upset some family members who have requested access.

Originally Posted by George Hatcher Thursday, June 25, 2010