On Intelligence

A Slovakian agency decided to test their security by slipping 9 packages of explosives into innocent passengers' luggage. Eight of those packages were found.

ONE of those packages—85 grams of RDX plastic explosive— made it all the way to the innocent Slovakian-Irish passenger's HOUSE, where suddenly Irish forces evacuate their entire neighborhood (reportedly evacuating several apartment buildings and shutting down a couple of intersections) to retrieve that one package of live explosive from his apartment on Dorset Street. Stefan Gonda, a 49-year-old Slovak electrician working in Ireland, must have been really surprised at that knock on the door. On the other hand, maybe not, since he's from Slovakia and may be used to such thoughtless, stupid, ridiculous, dangerous, psychotic behavior from his government.

How do they justify endangering a plane full of innocent passengers on a commercial jet? RDX is considered unstable--it can light without a detonator. What if there had been turbulence? What if the temperature had dropped to make the compound even more unstable?

One head has already rolled for this. The head of the Slovak border and foreign police Tibor Mako resigned. Was he the one responsible or did he throw himself on his sword? Is there more to this?

I find it difficult to believe that anyone would use real passengers as guinea pigs, put real explosives on an actual international flight. If Ireland has a legal chip on its shoulder the same way the US does, there'd be an International lawsuit pending.

The Slovokian ministry claims no one was endangered.

Excuse me?

85 grams of RDX plastic explosive aboard a plane. Irish forces evacuated the neighborhood to retrieve it...but hey, on a volatile oxygen pumped package like an airplane, no problem.

It's hard to believe they call that branch of government "intelligence." Talk about an oxymoron.

Originally Posted by George Hatcher on Wednesday, January 6, 2010