Why is Yemenia Airlines not on the EU Banned List?

A number of audit visits have also been requested by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to evaluate the safety situation of authorities and companies in Albania, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan and Yemen.

Why only an audit? How many second chances did the 153 passengers on Yemenia Airlines flight have? I ask why Yemenia Airlines is not on the banned list, after the terrible crash in the Comoros? The EU is displaying a terrible, unforgivable unconcern for human life.

Inspections in Germany and Italy had shown up “deficiencies” with the airline, and in July last year the EU commission had insisted Yemenia provide an “action plan” to address safety concerns. A year before that, “SOS voyage aux Comores” (SOS Travel to Comoros) began protesting shoddy aviation service, and called on French authorities to act. According to SOS spokesman Farid Soilihi, “Flights between Sanaa and Moroni are carried out by cowboy operators. The accident was predictable, these are planes that do not meet international standards. Yemenia was the cheapest of all the ‘rubbish companies’ with a near-monopoly on this destination”

Yemenia Airlines is presently owned by the Government of Yemen (51%) and the government of Saudi Arabia (49%).

Originally Posted by George Hatcher Monday, November 30, 2009